List of Development Potentials

The potentials of the District refer to factors, advantages and resources which when utilised can enable the district to overcome its challenges or to enhance its socio-economic development. The Nkwanta North District is endowed with much potential for any meaningful development. The potentials ofthe district are as follows:-

  • Available fertile land for agricultural purposes.  
  • Presence of abundant sand, stones, gravels, and water for construction purposes.
  • Assembly’s internally generated fund.
  • Indications of mineral deposits.  
  • Availability of rateable property that are to be taxed.
  • Presence of main decentralised departments.
  • Large population that serve as potential market.
  • Presence of electricity from national power grid.
  • Full compliment of sub-level structures which could be used to assist with dissemination of District Assembly policies and revenue mobilization.
  • Presence of tourist attraction sites.
  • High communal spirit, peace and security.
  • Presence of security agencies.
  • Presence of rural bank
  • One Senior High School that could be used as base for human resource development.

List of Development Opportunities

Opportunities are external factors that positively influence development in the district. They are:

  • Access to government interventions such as DACF, HIPC, GETFund, GAR Fund, BAF, MASLOC, MCA, and EDIF.   
  • Selection of the district for the  Capitation Grant,  and NEPAD  School Feeding Programme.
  • Support from Donors such as DANIDA, USAID, DFID, EU, IDA, OPEC Fund, UNDP, CWSA, WHO, TFAD, IMF, UNICEF, SNV, GTZ, and among others.
  • Good climatic conditions.
  • Decentralisation Policy.
  • Existence of MOWAC, WILDAF, FIDA, WAJU, CHRAJ, Disability Bill.
  • Presence of NGOs and FBOs in the country.
  • Various statutes on Decentralization, Child Rights, Interstate Succession law.
  • Co-operation from private sector organizations like PROTOA and GPRTU.


meaningful development and as one of the leading producers of yam in Ghana, can boost of vast arable land for commercial agriculture coupled with its proximity to water bodies such as the River Oti and River Kpassa as well as many streams for irrigation.

There is an indication of mineral deposit as well as presence of abundant sand, stones, graves and water for construction purposes.

There are a lot of tourism potentials in the district as well. Among these are:

  • Landing Beach at Kaunwune          
  • U-Shape of the Oti River at Damoko
  • Damoka Bridge over River Oti        
  • Kpassa Yam Festival
  • Tibore Fire Dance                             
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Boat cruising at Damoko etc.


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