The current state of provision of potable water and appropriate practices in the district has been quite unsatisfactory over the last 20 years.There are several sources of water provision facilities as shown in table 1.12. Even though about 63.9 percent of the settlements have pipe-borne water systems, potable water has not been served through them for a decade due to low pressure from the Kwanyako Water Works. Some communities including the district capital rely on water tankers while others continue to rely on hand dug wells, boreholes and streams for the domestic chores.

It is hoped that the recent renovation works at the Kwanyako Water Works will improve the situation drastically. Water Tanker services are very expensive. Some communities depend on other various sources, such as individual systems which are not readily accessible and reliable. About 93 percent of the communities are served with water systems which are not reliable and sustainable. Refer to map on the distribution of water and sanitation facilities.


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