The road network in the district is quite good. However, some of the roads are in need of rehabilitation. The main trunk road between Kasoa and Gomoa Antseadze is part of the Cape Coast Accra road. Postal services in the district are located at Apam, Eshiem, Mumford, Dawurampong, Afransi, Ojobi and Odina. There are postal agencies at Assin, Ngyeresi and Enyamaim. Few communities in the district have electricity supply from the national grid. Some communities have electric poles but have not yet been connected.

Communities are actually procuring and erecting electric poles in a bid to be connected to the national grid, under the government Self-Help Electrification Project (SHEP). It is hoped that extension of electricity to other parts of the district would not only promote small-scale industries but also reduce rural-urban migration. In the Gomoa District, markets are organized on daily and periodic basis. Daily markets occur at Apam, Afransi, Akropong, Ankamu, Eshiem and Buduburam.

Most of these market centres have small physical spaces without stalls or sheds. The District Assembly is working on the construction of new market infrastructure in several towns. The Akyempim Rural Bank has branches at Apam, Dawurampong, Afransi, Tarkwa, Aboso, Dominase and Eshiem. These branches offer the opportunity to mobilise rural savings and to provide credit for farmers and small scale entrepreneurs.
The Gomoa District has a hospital sited at Apam, which belongs to the Catholic Church.It has 105 beds with four wards, a theatre, laboratory and X-ray units.

The district also has two health posts situated at Gomoa Oguaa and Gomoa Buduatta as well as three community clinics at Anyadze, Ojobi and Nyanyano.Importantly, the hospital at Apam has been adopted as a field study centre for nurses and medical students from both home and abroad all the year round. The district has a total of 280 schools of various types. There are 65 kindergartens and 126 primary schools. There are also 85 junior secondary schools and four senior secondary schools. Pupil-teacher ratio at the basic school level is 1:31 and that at the SSS level is 1:16.

Analysis of Community/ Town and Area Council Needs and Aspirations 

The needs and aspirations of the people of Gomoa District were compiled through field visits to sampled communities and dialogue with Council members and staff of the Town/Area Councils in the district. The outcomes of the data gathered were ranked based on the perceptions of the representatives of the Town/Area Councils. The output is presented on table 1.14 in pdf file below.

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