Traditional Set-up

The district has two paramountcies, namely; Gomoa Akyempim and Gomoa Ajumako with the seat of paramountcies located at Gomoa Assin and Ajumako respectively. He Gomoas, a fante speaking group, constitutes the majority of the people in the district and are mainly farmers. Gomoa Maim is considered the traditional home of the people of, a place where their ancestors first settled in the Gomoa area. There are other ethnic groups like the Guans, Ewes, Ashantis, Gas and Hausas. The predominant religious group is Christianity, though Moslems and Traditional religious groups are equally well represented in the district.

Sites of Historic and Aesthetic Importance

Tourism Services and Potentials

High potentials exist in the district for tourism promotion. These include:

Rocky and sandy beach at Abrekum and extensive beach at Mankoadze and Fetteh.

There is a nice hotel (Till’s No.l Hotel) at Fetteh.

Akwambo Festival and ’Gomoa Two Weeks" in the various communities.

Fontofrom at Gomoa Ankamu, which are used for government functions, and PANAFEST needs further development.

Local horn blower at Achiase also needs training and motivation.

Traditional Folklore "Ama Boadze" at Benso developed about a century ago and "Apedede" at Benso.

Apemadze Forest at Ajumako, an ancient grove measuring about 100 acres where the Ashantis left their weapons during a war.

"Daadzeban" for healing broken human bones at Ekwamkrom.

Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site, coastal wetlands project under the joint management of the Gomoa and Awutu-Effutu-Senya District Assemblies. Protection of various species of plants and animals particularly birds will not only attract tourists but also conserve the wetland resources.

A palm tree with three "heads" at Amoanda.

Rocky valley with perennial water "Yaba" at Dabanyin can be used as a natural swimming pool.

Ancient rocky market place "Abodo" at Nkoransa is a meeting place for hawks.

"Posuban" at Gomoa Koforidua and Otsew Jukwa

Slave Trade Chains at Gomoa Nduem

Fort Patience at Apam could be preserved rather than being used as a hotel.

Musano has been included in the World tourist map and serves as an Institute for African religion and Music. Every year, it receives visitors from the United States of America.

Ancient Shrine at Gomoa Maim preserves the ancient artifacts. Gomoa Maim was the abode of Asebu Amenfi and is the original home of the people of Gomoa.

Hanging stone supported by a small thread at Fetteh.

Sea and shore and rivers – Fetteh 

Existing rivers in the whole of the district. This is a potential tourist attraction to explore.The various communities of the district celebrate Akwambo or Ahorbaa Festivals or both in their own peculiar way. Such ceremonies could be well organized and developed into tourist attractions. For example, the two traditional (Paramount) areas could come together and celebrate the climax of the festivals in one paramount town with the capacity to attract people from other areas within and outside Ghana.

The two traditional areas coming together to climax the festivals in say every three years would also promote peace and solidarity between them. For tourism potentials to be fully harnessed and utilized, there is the need to improve on physical accessibility and social services. This involves the attraction and attention of both government and private sectors.






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