There is one (1) Town and five (5) Area councils in the district with an estimated population of 88,910. Out of this figure only a few people have access to portable water supply.

The majority rely on other sources like dams, streams, dug outs and traditional wells for source of water. The prevalence’s of Guinea warm cases in this situation cannot therefore be over emphasized. The few who depend on boreholes have most of these facilities broken down.

  1. Varibiegu Area Council- has a population of 8, 363 with 16 boreholes, that is a coverage of 8% having access to portable water.
  2. Kumbo Area Council- has a population of 25787 with 19 boreholes water supply coverage – 31% and need most boreholes in the community.
  3. Kakuhi Area Council- has a population of 4197 with 11 boreholes that is water supply coverage of 79%.
  4. Gmantambu Area Council- has a population of 27774 with 17 boreholes and small town water system supply within the town coverage, 87% including the small town water system.
  5. Darikum Area Council- has a population of 8775 with 22 boreholes, water supply coverage of 51%.
  6. Nabangua Area Council- has a population of 9606 with 11 boreholes and water supply coverage is about 59%.

Bimbilla, the district capital in Gmantambu Town Council is the only community which is served with pipe borne water. This potable water supply is in adequate for the ever increasing population of the township. Besides the supply is not regular. The intervention of all stake holders in the water delivery system in the district is therefore crucial. This scenario is not different from the V.I.P. latrine situation in the district. The  District has 261 V.I.P latrines (house hold latrines). There is the need for every house hold in the district to own a V.I.P latrine).

Water Systems in the District as at  2006 

Small Town Water System            -        1
Bore Holes                                 -        310
Hand dug wells                           -        13 (Jilo hand filled)
Danis / Dugout                           -        13




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