Out of a total Road network of about 3,309.62 Km in the Upper West Region, the Sissala West District has a total of 281.15 Km road length, representing 8.5% of roads in the region. The major roads in the District include Gwoilu-Fielmua,Gwollu-Jeffisi,Gwollu-Jawia,Gbal-Zini and Gwollu-Tumu-Pulima. Basically, all the roads in the District are classified as Feeder. The Feeder Roads in the District are further divided into Engineered, Partially Engineered and Non-Engineered. About 13.7% of the 281.15Km road length is engineered, while 5.3% constitute partially engineered. The remaining 77.4% is non-engineered.

Between the period, 2003-2005, some spot improvement, maintenance and rehabilitation works were carried out on some roads in the District. The Jeffisi - Gwollu road is in progress. However some roads such as Bouti - Kandia - Kusali and Jawia - Jitton have not been tackled at all.

Most households in the Sissala West District depend on firewood and charcoal for domestic fuel since they are obtained at little or no cost. This tendency has led to the depletion and degradation of the environment as most trees are cut down for energy. The predominant lighting fuel is Kerosene, which account for 95%. Only 5.2% of the people, particularly in the GwoUu Township have access to electricity for lighting purposes.

Basically communities along the Tumu-Gwollu trunk road are hooked to the national grid, namely Silbelle, Sorbelle, Jawia, Bouti, Liplime and Gwollu. Besides these communities, Pulima and Nyemati are also connected to the national grid. The electricity coverage in the district is 14.3%.








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