Political Administration

Political and Administrative Structure

Awutu Senya District Assembly is made up of one Urban Council, namely Senya and 5 Area Councils which are Bawjiase, Jei-Krodua, Awutu Bereku, Bontrase and Obrachire. It has 25 elected and 11 appointed members and the District Chief Executive bringing the total number to 37. It also has a Member of Parliament who is an ex- officio member. Currently, eight decentralised departments have been established out of the 11 at the District level.


The Assembly is empowered with legislative, deliberative and executive functions within the district. There is a Presiding Member who is elected from the Assembly Members and chairs all Assembly as well as Public Relations and Complaints committee (PRCC) meetings.


The Assembly has five statutory sub- committees namely; Justice and Security, Development Planning, Works, Social Services and Finance and Administration. There is an Executive Committee which reviews the work of the sub-committees before the General Assembly meeting. The Executive Committee, which is made up of the chairpersons of the various sub-committees is chaired by the District Chief Executive.

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