Vulnerability Analysis

Department of Social Welfare and Community Development is one of the decentralized departments charged with the responsibility of championing the course of the vulnerable groups.  Some of the identifiable vulnerable groups in the district include:

• The Physically challenge

• Children

• And Women


Some children are considered as most vulnerable group in the district.  This is because their biological fathers fail to send them to school. Sizable number of them also roam about in the communities without been cared by anybody, not even their extended family members.  Some of the identifiable problems confronting the children are:

(a) Inadequate care, maintenance and supervision of children by their parents

(b) Broken homes

(c) Single parenthood in the case of females

(d) Child delinquency

(e) Lack of Juvenile calls for children in conflict with the law

Also some of the problems of the vulnerable groups in the district are:

(a) Lack of skill training for the physically challenge to make them more employable

(b) Lack of support to get up business in the case of those who have already acquired some skills

(c) Discrimination among disable persons

(d) Difficulty in getting life partners in marriage.


 Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)

Early childhood care and development is a range of services to promote survival, growth, development and protection of young children up to the age of six years.  These services are nurseries and kindergartens.


 Problems of the ECCD in the District

Some of the problems identified in the district in early childhood care and development are as follows:-

• Poverty among most parents.  Some of the children are not fed at home before they leave for the centres, which also do not feed them.

• Inadequate facilities such as furniture, accommodation and others in most centers.

• Lack of and inadequate trained staff, particularly at the private centers’.



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