Summary of Community Needs and Aspirations According To Area Councils

Sang  Area Council

1.    To construct Speed – rumps on the main Yendi – Tamale trunk road

2.    To operationalize Sang Police Station
3.    Inadequate Police accommodation at Sang.

4.    The Establishment of Senior High School within Mion Constituency 

5.     Establishment of Revenue Collection Check Points at Vantage Points

6.    The Creation of additional District at Mion.

7.    Creation of additional polling stations and Electoral Areas within Mion
8.     Establishment of Vocational Training Institution within Mion.

9.    Rehabilitation of area council office

10.    Bush fire prevention 

11.    Menace of Fulani herdsmen

12.    Rehabilitation of chief’s palace-Mion


Special programmes for the vulnerable and excluded have been outlines in the document.   This includes child rights promotions, responding rapidly to the needs of those affected by natural and man-made disasters (NADMO).  Also the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS and the provision of care for persons living with AIDS and their families.


























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