Tourism Attractions
  Major Attraction Of The Municipality

The tourism potential in the municipality is quite enormous.  The explored ones are indicated as follows:

Mahama Dan Issah Alias Baba Ato’s (“Babatu”) Grave in Yendi 


Baba Ato was a notorious slave raider who together with Samori terrorised the Northern Region in the 19th Century.  He is said to have originated from a tribe in the modern day Niger.  Some relics of his weapons used to enslave can be found in the family compound of some of his descendants at Yendi.   His grave has been preserved by his descendants.

Adibo Dale

Adibo (site of the battle of Adibo fought between the Germans and Dagombas in 1897

The significance of Adibo Dale is the resistance to slave raiding in the North.  It is stated that lots of spiritual events took place eg the hoof prints of the Kanbona-Kpema’s (Chief warrior) are still visible on boabab tree at Adibo since then.

German cemetery in Yendi, popularly called “German grave” is the location of interment of German and Dutch soldiers who died in their colonization efforts in a war with Dagombas preceding the establishment of German rule.

It is however, ascertained that some early missionaries mainly from U.S.A were also buried here in the early 1900s, the major cause of the missionary deaths was malaria.

Na Dataa Tua in Yendi

This was the site where men who had sexual knowledge of the Ya-Na’s wives were beheaded.  At the site are a sacrificial stone and a baobab tree the base of which the heads were dumped.

Greenwich Meridian

This passes through Yendi and a number of communities in the municipality.



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