A total of 55,553 of the employed population 15 years and older are in the industry sector, with the male constituting 31,133 (56.1%) compared to females 24,400 (43.9%). Agriculture forestry and fishing constitute the largest industry employing almost eight out of ten persons (76.3%) of the workforce aged 15 years and above in the district. 

The availability and access to vast arable land could account for the high percentage of the population engaged in agriculture sector. Another major industry is the manufacturing sector which employs (8.1%) of the workforce. About eighty-six percent (85.2%) of the employed males are into agriculture forestry and fishing compared to female percentage of sixty-five.There are more females in the wholesale and retail; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles (11.1%), than their male counterparts of four percent.


Date Created : 11/26/2017 3:55:28 AM