The indigenes are Asantes. The Asante Culture is therefore, the dominant culture in the district. There are, however, other sub cultures which are practised by the migrant settlers mostly from the North. The communal spirit in the district is very high. Traditional knowledge of the people is seen in folk tales, proverbs and art.

The culture also promotes participation and this is depicted in household, families and communities. Women are given place in decision making. The only notable festival in the district is the “Mmoanninko” which is celebrated annually. This has a historical significance and marks the choice of land by one of the Asantehenes asked Nana Wiafe Akenten to choose between treasures of gold and land. It is therefore celebrated to commemorate the occasion.  

During the celebration which takes place at Offinso citizens of the Offinso North are invited to attend. It is a period for stocktaking and the new initiatives in the area of development projects. The Festival of “Mmmoanninko” is a rallying point for development. However, the unresolved chieftaincy disputes are a disincentive to peace and development.

Ethnic Composition

The district can be said to be homogeneous in character in terms of ethnic composition. The Asante ethnic group constitutes about 80 per cent of the population in the district. The remaining 20 per cent consists of other ethnic groups of northern origin (Dagaatis, Dagombas, Mamprusis, Walas, Moshies) and Ewes from the Volta Region. The various ethnic groups co-exist peacefully and this is an ingredient for national integration and development

Traditional Set-Up

The district has sub-chiefs and ‘odikros’. They all owe allegiance and pay homage to the Offinsohene who is the Paramount Chief. There are also lineage and family heads who are the fulcrum around whom the unity, cohesion and stability of lineages, families and communities revolve. However, the district has a number of protracted chieftaincy disputes.

Tourism Attractions

There are no major tourists’ attractions in the district.  There highest point in the district is a sedimentary rock formation that stretches over a long distance and is around Papasisi. These rock formations have caves. Until the 1983 Bushfires the area was covered by large tracts of forest and cocoa farms and was believed to be home to fairies “mmoatia”.

The disappearance of the thick vegetative cover has left the area exposed.

The district is also endowed with four (4) forest reserves but they have not been developed for tourism purposes. Besides they are fast depleting as a result of logging and illegal chainsaw operators. There is also a waterfall on a stream known as Afrensu Waterfalls which remains undeveloped.

As a district that lies in the tropics, it is an ideal place for sun seekers with its serene setting. The people are highly hospitable and friendly. The district has two (2) guesthouses


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