The Assembly has established the Denyase Industrial Centre near Bekwai to resettle local artisans to improve skills of master craft persons.  The Project is a one stop shop centre aimed at improving quality of products and in the long run increase the income levels of these artisans and address the problem of unemployment and under-employment.

The activities of the centre include Welding and Fabrication, Metal machining, Auto Engineering Auto Body Works, Auto Electrical Electronics, Blacksmithing, and Carpentry and Vulcanizing.

Processing of Agric Products e.g. Oil Palm products, fruit juice, cassava starch, powder and chips etc.

Manufacturing of Ceramic Products, Bricks, Roofing Tiles and Pottery Products etc.

Area of investment

Investors are being invited to set-up factories to manufacture Ceramics products on a large scale for sale.

Another area of investment worth-noting is the establishment of fruit juice factories to can fruit juice as there are abundance of oranges and  pineapples.

Favourable Technical considerations and Enabling Environment

Availability of Raw materials

Water labour both skilled and unskilled

Market potential

Nearness to the Regional capital   

Good Roads, Electricity and communication facilities

Mining Potentials

The Municipality has the geological formations such as Birimian rocks and granitic rocks. The Birrimian deposits are the most economically valued geological formation in Ghana and contains gold, diamond, and manganese.

Large deposits of gold have been identified at areas such as Kokotro and Koniyaw where feasibility studies have confirmed availability of large deposits of gold in commercial quantities.

Development gold Mine in areas around Koniyaw and Kokotro where feasibility studies have confirmed availability of gold deposit in commercial quantities. 

Area of investment

Prospective investors are invited to do some prospecting for gold in the areas listed above and establish gold mines, which will adopt practices that have no negative effect on the environment.  Companies are also expected to be mindful of their social responsibilities at the communities being operated.

Favourable Enabling Environment

Availability of Labour

Strategic location of the Municipality

The Municipality nearness to Obuasi another Gold mining area.

The Service Sector

The service sector in the Municipality is among the thriving sectors of the local economy.  This sector contributes between 25-35% to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the Local Economy.  This sector covers a wide range of activities such as Wholesaling and Retailing, Petty trading, Watch repairs, Hairdressing, Telecommunication centres.

The Telecommunication Industry is gaining much recognition interims of job creation, through the sale of phone cards, space to space.  This has improved access to information and communication.  Despite growth in telecommunication services, one area in which little attention has been put is the internet cafes for accessing information.

Area of investment

Investors could invest in the establishment of internet cafes, hotel industry and the banking and non banking financial services due to the increase in Population and Economic activities. The establishment of a local FM stations will help to educate disseminate information to the people in the communities in the Municipality.



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