The district has three main rivers namely Oti, Volta Lake and Dakar as well as a number of streams that form the Oti and Volta Lake Basins. These water bodies serve as source of water for domestic purposes. Ironically, the district does not enjoy pipe borne water system. However, the European Union (EU) and International Development Agency (IDA) in collaboration with the Government of Ghana under the Small Water Supply & Sanitation Project II has provided mechanised pipe systems at Banda, Borae, Chinderi and Grubi townships.

There are about 102 boreholes and 58 hand-dug wells in the various communities in the district. Water delivery in the district is being manned by the Community Water and Sanitation Development Boards and Community Water and Sanitation Committees (WATSAN).

Access to safe drinking water is very crucial in the development of the district. Access to potable water supply in the district has improved tremendously within the last two years even though it is not the best. For instance, out of a district population of 72,688 in year 2010, only 30,580 people (47.8%) who had access to safe water. This limited access to safe water by the majority of the population in the district negatively affects the health of the people and hence socio-economic development.



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