The annual plans detail out the various activities, time frame, location, output indicators, annual budget, and implementing agencies. The activities in the plan are phased into Annual Action Plans, as shown by the time frame. The criteria for selection of activities / projects to start from the first year are:

a. Projects that will generate income for the District Assembly;

b. Projects that involve long implementation period;

c. Projects that will improve the socio-economic status of the majority of the people;

d. Projects that will create enabling environment;

e. Projects that will enhance capacity building; and

f.  Projects that will enhance the implementation of subsequent projects.

For some activities, the same physical inputs will be used. For example, the same equipment can be used to undertake activities such as awareness creation to enable farmers to adopt improved agronomic practices, public education on civic responsibility, and create awareness and train communities on maintenance of water facilities. This implies that some equipment and materials need to be centralised at the District Administration for use by the various development partners. This would help minimixe cost.

The total budget for the planned activities is GH¢33,636,418.00. The budget for the first year is GH¢7,580,083.00.  With a 10% contingency, total budget is estimated at GH¢37,000,059.80. The sources of the cost estimates of various activities/facilities include:

•    Public Works Department (PWD)

•    Department of Feeder Roads

•    Ghana Highway Authority

•    Regional Health Administration

•    Ministry of Food and Agriculture

•    Ministry of Education

•    Community Water and Sanitation Agency; and

•    District Administration.

Due to time and financial constraints, it may be necessary to roll certain activities involving large sums of money into the future planning period. Such activities include construction of staff quarters for DA workers, security personnel and provision of small towns pipe water systems, etc

Programme of action

The Broad Composite Programme of Action covers the 4-year planning period.  It consists of a prioritised set of programme activities and their costs, which are intended to enhance the achievement of the objectives of the plan for the Medium-Term period under the GSGDAII as shown Table 4.3

Composite Programme of Action

Enhancing Competiveness in Ghana’s Private Sector

Programme Goal:

To improve facilities at the market centres

Programme Objective:

To provide modern facilities at 4 market centres by December, 2017



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