Wassa is the dominant ethnic group in the district. However, there are other minor ethnic groups such as Nzema, Sefwi, Asante and Akyem. The Wassa are culturally homogeneous with respect to lineage, inheritance and succession. Like other Akan settlements, inheritance is through the matrilineal system. Funerals, chieftaincy and marriage rites are also purely of Akan origins. The language spoken by the people in the district is predominately Twi.


The institution of chieftaincy is an important component of the social organization of the district as in the rest of the country.

The Amenfi Central District has a number of divisional chiefs who pay homage to the Paramount Chief (Omanhene) of the Wassa Amenfi Traditional Area at Wassa Akropong. Under the traditional setup, the Omanhene is the head of the Traditional Council. In all, there are more than forty divisional chiefs under the Omanhene.


The major Festival of the people in the district is the Yam Festival, which is celebrated annually between March and April to herald the harvest of the water yam. It is celebrated to offer thanks to the gods for bumper harvest and for protection throughout the year.

Religious beliefs

Christianity (82%) is the dominant religion in the district. Churches such as Methodist, Pentecost, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and other denominations are found in the district. This is followed by Islamic Religion (10.1%) and Traditional Religion (0.8%), (GSS, 2010 PHC).


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