Tourism potentials

There is a fort in the District; which could be developed into a tourist site. This fort could portray the history and culture of the Shama people if well-developed and can be a tourist site to educate tourists on the history and cultural values of the people of Shama.

The estuary of the Pra River can also be developed to harness revenue for the District.


Ethnicity refers to the ethnic group that a person belonged to. This information is collected only from Ghanaians by birth and Ghanaians with dual nationality. The classification of ethnic groups in Ghana is that officially provided by the Bureau of Ghana Languages and which has been in use since the 1960 census.


Religion refers to the individual’s religious affiliation as reported by the respondent, irrespective of the religion of the household head or the head’s spouse or the name of the person. No attempt was made to find out if respondents actually practiced the faith they professed.

Festivals Pra Nye-Eyi Afahye, the festival of the people of Shama Traditional Area, is celebrated in every second week of November. It is a weeklong event and usually commences on Saturday and ends on Sunday of the following week.  

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