Residents in Nyankrom, environs agitate about bad road network
Some residents of Nyankrom, together with some GPRTU executives and other adjoining communities, have taken to the street to protest the bad road network in the area.

Date Created : 7/4/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Mildred Siabi-Mensah/ Ghanadistricts

The almost six-hour demonstration saw protestors wielding placards, chanting war songs and blocking major entrances with tyres set ablaze.
The demonstrators, who were cladded in red, hoisted placards some of which read ‘Shama road is total wickedness’, ‘We want our hospital Enough of the deception’ and ‘It’s our right to have good roads.’

They complained that, over the years, their road network had deteriorated and that successive governments had failed to listen to their concerns thereby creating untold hardships in Shama district. The residents said the deplorable road condition from Nyankrom to the Takoradi -Accra highway worsene, especially during heavy rains, adding that social and economic life were seriously affected.

Pupils of Unique Star Learning Centre had to alight from their bus and walked for about 20 minutes to school, while anxious workers also parked their cars waiting for the "created" traffic to ease.Meanwhile, another set of demonstrators blocked the Shama junction route leading to the district capital.

They refused to listen to the request from the police detachment to hold a peaceful demonstration, without burning tyres.
The intervention of the Regional Police Commander, DCOP Akoto Osei, saw some sanity prevail temporarily and necessitated police reinforcement to restore order.

Nana Akosua Gyamfuaba, the Queen Mother of Nyankrom, said that the area had not benefited from any road construction under the year of road concept by the government.

“We are singing our own songs, songs of lamentation. If they (authorities don’t listen to our pleas and do what is needful and right, we’ll continue to demonstrate to demand our rights and fair share of the national cake. Yes, the action will continue. We are fed up,” she stressed.

She said the bad nature of Nyankrom road had affected economic and social life, including health delivery as pregnant women were roughly massaged when plying on the road.

The GPRTU Chairman, John Armoo, also spoke about the ‘pains’ drivers endured in plying the Nyankrom, Botogeyena, Konfeiku, Aboadze, Abuesi routes and Shama, district capital roads. “This is a serious matter which needs urgent attention. Indeed, giving a facelift to roads in Shama district is long overdue. Government must listen to the cries of the people in Shama,” he added.

Nana Wurapa II, leader of the demonstrators, said aside from the district being the gateway to the Western Region, the Shama Junction to Shama road served as the route to the District Capital, Clinic, Court, Police Headquarters, Fire Service, two second cycle institutions and the only bank in the district as well as other companies.

However, the state of the road which is now deplorable had become a recipe for frequent vehicular breakdown and accidents, adding that two students of Takoradi Technical Institute who were riding a motorcycle on the road got seriously injured after they collided with a car at the entrance of Shama Senior High School.

He noted that the poor state of the road coupled with its poor drainage had resulted in massive erosion and deadly potholes, making it difficult for vehicles movement, inconvenience for women in labour who go to the Shamna Clinic for delivery and antenatal services.

"As Nananom, we are not oblivious of the fact that the constitution precludes us from engaging in partisan politics, however, we believe we cannot sit aloof amid the deplorable state of our most important road."

Nana noted how the political leadership, Assembly members and the District Assembly had really disappointed the indigenes. “We believe that the time is now to step out of our palaces as nananom to express our utmost displeasure and disappointment to all the relevant authorities who have a role to play in making sure that the road is fixed.”