Political Administration

The political and administrative heads of the district are the District Chief Executive (DCE) and District Coordinating Director (DCD). The District Assembly is the highest decision making body of the district. The General Assembly is chaired by an elected presiding member. The district has four area councils, namely, Kofikrom-Proso Area Council, Asempaneye Area Council, Benchema-Nkatiaso Area Council and Boinzan Area Council.

There are also 16 unit committees; each committee consists of 5 members. The Executive Committee is chaired by the District Chief Executive. There are six statutory sub-committees which help the Executive Committee to carry out its functions. These are Finance and Administration, Development Planning, Works, Social Services, Justice and Security, and Micro and Small Enterprises.

There are other sub-committees which perform advisory roles and ensure efficient performance of the functions of the Executive Committee. These include the District Tender Committee, the District Education Oversight Committee, the Public Relations and Complaints Committee and the District Security Committee (DISEC). The DISEC is chaired by the DCE.


Date Created : 11/20/2017 5:27:15 AM