Traditional Authority

Traditional authority is vested in Divisional Chiefs: Binduri and Kaadi with sub-chiefs from other communities. All these chiefs are under the Bawku-Naba (President of the Bawku Traditional Council). The Council handles matters of traditional importance: chieftaincy, culture and tradition among others. The Traditional Council is represented in the District Assembly.

Ethnic Groupings

The dominant ethnic group in the district is Kussasi. The main minority groups are Mamprusi, Bissa and Moshi. There are a few other minority ethnic groups in the district.


The traditional marriage entails the distinctive practice or payment of a bride price; the system where the family of the bridegroom pays some marriage expenses including the donation of two (2) to four (4) cows to the family of the bride. Many bridegrooms are not able to pay the dowry.


The inheritance system practised in the district is patrilineal. Under this system, the eldest son inherits the property of his father in trust for the family. There is no form of ownership of family assets by daughters in the family. 4



Funerals are another major customary practice of the people. Funerals are mostly organized after the harvest (and especially during the long dry season). Funerals are performed to mark the end of the transition from earth to the spirit world.

Social Organization

There are various religious groupings in the district. The major ones are Christianity (41.8%), Islam (35%) and various Traditional Religions (20%). There are other social groupings that are involved with economic activities. These are mostly into agro processing such as shea butter extraction, dawadawa processing, pito brewing and onion farming.


Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The tourism and hospitality industries are underdeveloped. The district does not abound in many tourism potentials. The few unharnessed tourism potentials however include the Yarigungu Crocodile Pond in Zawse, the Zawse Hills, the Old Slave Market Centre at Bindur and the Samapid Festival. There are however a few decent private guest houses in the district.


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