The District is predominantly an agrarian area as more than half (52.1%) of its employed population are engaged in agriculture forestry and fishing industry which is higher than the proportion engaged in agriculture in the region (42.6%). The second major industry in the District is wholesale and retail which employs 15.0 percent of the employed population 15 years and older, followed by manufacturing industry (10.8%).

However, real estates, electricity gas stream and extraterritorial activities appear to be largely non-existent in the District with a negligible proportion of the employed population located in the information and communication (0.1%) and financial and insurance (0.1%) industries. The main industries for males in the District are agriculture, forestry and fishing (63.2%) while wholesale and retail (21.3%) constitute the major industry for females. Table 4.4 shows the distribution of the employed population by industry and sex in the District.


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