Social and Cultural Structure


The District’s population is made up of nine main ethnic groups. The largest group is the Akan, which accounts for 87.3 percent of the population. The Other ethnic groups in the district include Dagbani (7.5%), the Ewe (1%), Gas (0.4%) and Guan (0.3%).


In terms of religious affiliation, a large proportion (77.8%) of the people is Christian. Muslims constitute 7.6 percent, Traditionalist (0.5%). Those who profess to have no religious affiliation constitute 12.9 percent. Dominant churches in the District include: Roman Catholics, Pentecostals and Methodists.


The only Paramountcy in the District is the Manso Nkwanta Traditional Authority. There are three communities which serve directly under the Golden Stool. These are Manso Mem, Manso Atwere and Manso Kaniago .The major festival celebrated by the people is the Akwesidae.



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