Administration Structure

Political and Administrative Structure

Since its creation in 1983, the Upper West Region has had Wa as its capital and seat of government and administration. The Local Government Act of 1993 establishes and regulates the local government system in accordance with the 1992 Constitution. The Act stipulates the maintenance of districts in existence immediately before the coming into force of the 1992 Constitution.

The main administrative structure is the Regional Coordination Council (RCC), headed by the Regional Minister. Other members of the RCC include representatives from each District Assembly, regional heads of decentralized ministries, and representatives of the Regional House of Chiefs.

The region is divided into nine administrative districts, as follows: Wa West, Wa Municipal, Wa East, Sissala East, Nadowli, Jirapa, Sissala West, Lambussie/Karni and Lawra (Table 1). Wa West District was carved out of the Wa District and its capital is Wechiau. Wa East District has its capital at Funsi, and Sissala West district has Gwollu as the district capital (Figure 1).

A Municipal or District Assembly administers each district. It is headed by a Chief Executive nominated by the President and approved by the Assembly Members. Two-thirds of the members of the Assembly are directly elected. The rest are appointed by the central government in consultation with local leaders.

The districts are autonomous with regard to the planning, budgeting and implementation of projects. In addition, Area/Town Councils and Unit Committees assist in the performance of key roles. There are also traditional councils and various youth development associations to facilitate efficient and effective mobilization of local resources for development.


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