Administration Structure

The political administration of the Bono Region is through the local government system. Under this administration system, the region is divided into 6 Municipal and 6 District Assemblies. Each District or Municipal Assembly is administered by a Chief Executive, representing the central government but deriving authority from an Assembly headed by a presiding member elected from among the members themselves. The current list of Assemblies in the Region is as follows:

  1. Banda District
  2. Dormaa Central Municipal
  3. Dormaa East District
  4. Berekum East Municipal
  5. Dormaa West District
  6. Jaman North District
  7. Jaman South Municipal
  8. Sunyani Municipal
  9. Sunyani West Municipal
  10. Tain District
  11. Wenchi Municipal
  12. Berekum West District

The list of Districts and Municipalities in the Bono Region with their capital towns and LI

Date Created : 8/10/2023 12:00:00 AM