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Location and Size

The Yilo Krobo Municipal is located between Latitude 6.00’N and 6.30’N and between Longitude 0.30’W and 1.00 W. It shares boundary with Manya Krobo district in the North and East; Dangbe West and Akwapim North Districts in the South; New Juaben and Fanteakwa District in the West.It covers an estimated area of 805 sq. km.

Topology and Drainage

The relief is dominated by the Akwapim-Togo mountain ranges, which form the watershed stretching from southwest to northeast across the municipality. The land rises from a height of about 100 metres in the southeastern lowlands to over 600 metres above sea level on the ridge in the west. Rivers on the eastern side of the ranges flow in an easterly direction into the Volta River.

The eastern side of the ranges flow into the Densu River. The eastern lowlands are interrupted by the Krobo Mountains in the southeastern part of the municipality. The predominant soils are loose, sandy, and loamy with low water holding capacity, which have been developed from the underlying Voltarian sandstone.

Climate and Vegetation

The wetter northwest falls within the semi-deciduous forest zone, which is changing into derived savannah. The Accra Plains dominate the southeastern lowlands, which are covered with savannah vegetation.


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