Water & sanitation: 

Currently, the district has two pipe systems serving Salaga and the Jatong area, one limited mechanization also serving Bunkwa  and about 184 functioning boreholes. The district has the highest density of hand-dug wells of about 5,856 in the country which often dry-up in the dry season, 82 dams/dugouts, as well as the Volta Lake. The district is almost in the process of eradicating guinea worm with only one confirmed case in 2010.

The district capital Salaga, has two sachet water companies namely tasmin and Dakar flavour who produce to serve the Salaga township and other communitiesthere are 49 public toilet facilities, 85 private latrines in the district and 72 institutional latrines for schools and health care centres. The district has 9838 bath room facilities inside the resident, 5,127 and 119 bath room facilities found outside the resident and shared respectively.

There 43 drinking bars and 27”chop” bars respectively in the district.


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