According to history, the natives of the District are Guans from the Aduana clan, who migrated from Larteh in the eastern region of Ghana on account of slavery and wars during the 15th century. In order to prevent their people from being sold into slavery, they moved from their ancestral home, Larteh, to Agogo in Asante Akim. They further moved from Agogo to Kachempo, situated between the present day Yeji and Wiase, in the Sene district. They finally moved and settled at their present place as a result of scarcity of drinking water at Kachempo.


The District currently has four Traditional Paramountcies namely; Yeji, Prang, Konkoma and Abease paramountcies. The people of the Pru District have a very rich cultural heritage. The annual Kajuji Festival of the people of Yeji is one such rich cultural practice that unites the people. Besides, the other three paramontcies separately celebrate yam festivals

Ethnicity and Language

The Nchumurus are the aboriginals of the Pru district. However, due to the influx of migrant workers, Mamprusis, Konkonbas, Dagonbas, Gonjas, Dagaaba’s, Frafras, Kusasis, Moshies, Ewe, Ga-Dangme and Akans turned to be the major ethnic groups in the district. Twi is the most widely spoken language in the District; aside Ewe, Ga, Gonja, Nchumuru and others.


The District has many untapped tourism potentials. The vast lands along the Volta Lake can be developed in areas of aesthetic and scenic beauty. For instance, the low lying lands near Blenkente and Vutideke could be used as beaches for recreational activities. The Largest Island on the lake Accra-Town is also worth viewing. The Caves at Benim which houses the rare Rosina bats and the waterfalls on the Wansan River are all areas of attractive sites which are worth visiting.



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