Apart from Ameen Factory and Pan Sawmill, there are no significantly large industrial establishments. The Ameen Factory is involved in the manufacture of soap and brake bands. However, there are several small-scale enterprises located throughout the municipal area.  These include soap making, oil extraction (coconut, palm kernel and palm oil), garages, quarrying and services such as sewing, barbering and hairdressing.


The vision of CCMA, includes the establishment of an industrial estate to facilitate the resettlement of these small-scale and micro enterprises in order to allow the Assembly pursue an urban renewal programme that will seek to improve urban centres and afford new entrepreneurs the opportunity to implement its industrial estate project.


The proposed industrial estate will aim to promote industrialization through agglomerated economies, reduction of production costs, housing and modernization of existing units which settle in the estate as well as cut down on infrastructural costs to the entrepreneurs.


The CCMA also believes that through this it will be well-positioned to support industries by packaging financial assistance, assisting to improve productivity by providing common facilities and introducing modern techniques.


In this light, Mpeasem, a suburb of Cape Coast has been earmarked for the establishment of a light industrial estate to enhance the development and growth towards raising the standard of living of its citizenry. Like most assemblies, CCMA has an abundant human resource which could be tapped, nurtured and integrated into the scheme to satisfy this fast growing society.


Date Created : 11/16/2017 5:54:43 AM