Statistical Service lunches two mobile apps at Kassena Nankana
The Ghana Statistical Service, in collaboration with the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly, has launched two mobile applications (apps) to help in Citizen Generated Data (CGD) collection in the district.

Date Created : 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Alfred Afiiwo Kutajera/

The mobile apps are ‘CleanAPP Ghana,’ which is to gather data on solid waste, and ‘Let’s Talk,’ to generate data on gender-based violence.

The apps are part of a citizen-generated data collection under the apps project being implemented in 30 selected districts of the country by the Ghana Statistical Service.

Mr. Azonko Abdul Rauf, the Kassena Nankana Municipal Statistician, said the apps would facilitate the generation of data on gender-based violence and solid waste, which would help in policy formulation.

The “CleanApp Ghana” app would help citizens in the district to report to the Assembly all forms of solid waste in public places such as markets, lorry parks and schools for the waste service providers to collect them.

Citizens can also use the app to call for the collection of their waste at home whenever the waste bins are full.

The “Let’s Talk” app would help in reporting all forms of gender-based violence such as physical and sexual assault, and sexual harassment at home, workplaces, and the communities for immediate redress without disclosing the informant.

Mr. Azonko said counsellors and other experts would take up such reports, investigate and address them.

He demonstrated how the two apps worked and said they could be downloaded from the Google play store on smart phones or otherwise dial the codes *800*818# for the “Let’s talk” and *920*58# for “CleanApp Ghana”.

Mr. Joseph Adongo, the Kassena Nankana Municipal Chief Executive, who launched the apps, said digital technology had come to help solve a lot of problems and was hopeful that they would help address gender-based violence in the Municipality.

“Issues related to gender-based violence are under-reported and the app will help such reports to be made undercover,” he said.

He appealed to the participants, drawn from various departments, zonal councils, and the markets to support the Assembly in the public sensitisation on the usage of the apps.