Manufacturing and Processing

There are no major manufacturing or processing activities in the district. The only activities found here are small scale carpentry, craft making, gari processing, palm oil extraction and soap making among others.


Though the district has timber resources, it cannot boast of any sawmill. According to the Forestry Department there are three(3) main forest reserves in the district which cover an area of 291.42 sq. 

Mining, Quarrying and Construction

The Fanteakwa District is rich in mineral deposits including gold which are yet to be exploited. They are found in towns like Osino, Bosuso and Beposo. There are stone deposits at Eboso which is also yet to be exploited. The full exploitation of the district’s mineral deposit could create a lot more employment opportunities in the industrial sector in the district.


Date Created : 11/24/2017 5:12:32 AM