Social Development

Development must have a reflection in the general well being of the people. This is seen in terms of their accessibility (both physical and social) to basic services and needs of life. This section of the plan deals basically with the existing situation with respect to social services so that points of intervention could easily be established. 

Social development in the Fanteakwa District is of great importance since its components include; education, health, housing and income and expenditure. Where these basic services are not adequate, measures have to be taken to ensure their provision to reduce poverty and eliminate gross deprivation in the district.

Market Infrastructure

Market infrastructure comprising physical structures, space, stores, stalls or sheds, delivery bays and access roads are important components for the development of rural economies. In the district, markets are organised on daily and periodic basis such as the ones at Begoro, Bosuso, Ehiamankyene and Ahomahomaso - all being important market centres in Fanteakwa District.

However, market facilities in the district are poorly developed. Most of the market centres have got just small open spaces without stalls or sheds except Ahomahomaso which has some sheds under construction. Even where these are present, they are just made of weak temporal  structures. Again, most of the markets lack adequate parking and delivery bays and good access roads. A case in point is the Ehiamankyene market.


Date Created : 11/24/2017 5:10:12 AM