The Adansi South District is among the forty-three (43) Metropolitan, Municipalities and Districts of the Ashanti Region of Ghana and it is located in the South-Eastern part of the Ashanti Region, and lies within latitude 40” North and 6 degrees 22” North and longitude 1 degree West and 1 degree 38”West.

New Edubiase is the Administrative capital of the District which 
shares boundaries with Obuasi Municipal and Adansi North Districts to the north and north east respectively. It also shares north-east and south-east of its boundaries with Amansie Central and Bosome Freho Districts of the Region in that order.

The other districts with which the District shares boundaries are Assin Central Municipal in the Central Region to the south and Akyemanso and Birim South Districts of Eastern Region to the east. The district is further bounded to the West by River Offin and the East by River Pra.

The district has a total land area of 1328.2 square kilometres which is approximately 4.0 percent of the total land area of Ashanti Region. About 25.2 ( of this total land area is made up of forest reserves.