Structure Of The District  Assembly

The structure of the District Assembly corresponds with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Local Government and rural Development.  Under the Assembly is the Executive Committee.  Below the Executive Committee is the Office of the District Chief Executive. All executive functions of the Assembly are performed through the various sub-committees, which come immediately after the office of the District Chief Executive. 

The District Co-ordinating Director is in charge of overall administration of the District and is assisted by the Deputy Co-ordinating Director in charge of internal administration and responsible for the District Budget and Treasury as well as the Development Planning Officer who is responsible for development activities in the district.  Beneath the structure are the decentralized departments and other agencies in the District. (Annex 2).


The staff position of the Assembly, excluding the decentralized departments, stands at sixty –seven (67) instead of the quota of seventy-eight.

Logistics and Equipment

The equipment base of the assembly is rather low.  The Assembly has a facsimile machine to facilitate fast communication with others.  But no E-mail services, in addition, a number of equipment is either non-existent or unser


Integration of Departments and Units of the Assembly

All decentralized departments are in place except the Department of Feeder Roads. The Assembly has made serious effort to bring the concept of decentralization into reality.  It has spent funds for the construction of town and area council’s offices and has even gone ahead to furnish them by the last quarter of 2002. There have, however, been problems with integration notably allegiance and authority structure, office and residential accommodation. Availability of Staff for DPCU.

Though the DPCU is supposed to be made up of at least three officers, there are virtually only two personnel in the office. The volume of work on the officers is rather monumental since apart from direct District Assembly projects there are several other donor-supported projects like EU Microprojects, Village Infrastructure Project, which are very intensive in orientation.



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