With respect to water and sanitation the study makes reference to the Ghana Water & Sewerage Corporation detailed study conducted in 1992 -’ The National Water & Sanitation Survey’. Most of the water facilities provided by GWSC have broken down because of lack of maintenance.

Very old machines, broken down hand pumps and other equipment can be seen all over the Assembly. More than 60% of the population lack good drinking water and sanitation facilities.Of late, however, there has been some positive developments in the water and sanitation front.

The DANIDA financed Volta Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project, which started in the district in 1992 has been very active in tackling the water and sanitation problem in the rural areas. Their target is to cover 50% of the un-served rural population. Several towns and villages have benefited from the project.

The list of beneficiary communities is attached. The demand driven approach and the community participation component of the project is likely to ensure sustainability and a sense of ownership of the facilities being put in place. The Hohoe township, which has been left out by the DANIDA project has been taken up by GTZ. This
is however only in the water supply sector.

The urban water system is being rehabilitated and expanded to accommodate the increasing population of the township. The sanitation situation still leaves much to be desired. Efforts are being made by the  Assembly to tackle the problem. 15 refuse containers have been delivered to the Assembly. These containers have been located at vantage points in the township for refuse collection.

It is hoped that this will minimize the indiscriminate dumping of household refuse in drains and other empty spaces in the town. The  Assembly has constructed a 24 seater flush-toilet at the Hohoe market. A few more are going to be constructed by the Urban V Project. It is expected that these facilities will go a long way to solve the sanitation problem in the township.






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