Tafi Atome, a village in the heart of Hohoe Municipal and surrounded by forest, is home to the sacred mona money. A trip into the forest with the assistance of a guide gives visitors the opportunity to see the agile monkeys in their natural habitats. Visitors can experience village life and share in an exotic traditional culture.

At Tafi-Abuife, visitors will see about 100 weavers of the world famous kente cloth of Ghana at work. This ancient art, full of mystery, craftsmanship and rich with tradition, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Wli waterfalls are the highest in the whole of West Africa. The serene, cool atmosphere and the natural lawn by the falls make it a wonderful picnic spot.

The spectacular Tsatsadu falls, at Alavanyo, though not one of the highest waterfalls in Ghana, is one of the widest. The Logba Tota waterfall is at a village on a mountain. The caves at the falls contain geological limestone formations of interest such as stalactites and stalagmites. Hohoe, the capital, hosts the Dr. Noamesi Herbal Centre, owned by a renowned doctor of herbal medicine.

Dr. G. K. Noamesi has a herb farm for effective herbal medicines. There are mines at Akpafu Todzi, which date back to the 19th Century. The attraction for the visitor is the crude man-made tunnels, which look like covers. The district has many festivals. One is the Otsobisa Festival of the people of Santrokofi Traditional Area, celebrated in June each year.

The people of Wli have the Agumatsa festival, which is celebrated on the last Saturday of October each year. The Alavanyo Traditional Area celebrates the Golofose Festival in November, while the Gbi, in conjunction with the people of Peki in the Kpando District, have the Gbidukor Festival celebrated in December.

The people of Ve Traditional Area also celebrate the Likusi Festival occasionally.Indeed for relaxation, as well as for business, Hohoe Municipal, right at the heart of the Volta Region, is the place to be.


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