•    Agya Appiah Bitters

•    Voltic

•    BIVAC

•    Ernimich Agro Processing Centre

•    Le Court Mineral Water

•    Accra Composite Recycling Plant

The industrial sector has seen some remarkable growth in the past few years.  The establishment of manufacturing companies such as Aburaaba Mineral water, Voltic Mineral water, a number of aluminium companies such as Rocksters and Instyle as well as the improved performance and reactivation of existing companies such as Isada Brick and Tile factory and Panbros Salt Ltd, just to mention a few, gives an ample indication of growth of the sector.

The widespread mining and quarrying of large deposits of sand, stone, clay and laterite materials by both large and small scale operators such as Construction Pioneers and Sonitra as well as operatives of the Sand and Stone Winners association has also contributed to the growth of the construction industry.

Service Sector

The commercial sector engages the largest working population of the district.  A wide range of commodities comprising mainly of agricultural produce and industrial goods dominate this sector.

The major marketing centres are Achimota and Gbawe/Mallam.  Even though some modern infrastructure have been provided at these areas, a lot still needs to be done to decongest the areas.  There is therefore the need to expand the existing infrastructure.  There is also the need for the Assembly to expedite work on the potential markets dotted all over the district. These include Anyaa, Mallam,Chantan, Ngleshie-Amanfro and Amasaman. These are daily  markets which function throughout the week.

The Assembly also boasts of a number of operational cold storage facilities and commercial warehouses.  Among the stores serving the local communities, the export market and for the storage of fruits and vegetables are Sotrec, located at Mallam, which deals in meat products and others located in Achimota and Gbawe.

A number of economic and financial services and other infrastructure facilities exist whilst others are being developed to serve as catalyst for the rapid development .These include telecommunication and banking facilities.

A significant  number of the growing number of fuel filling stations being established in the region can be fund .The major fuel service stations or oil marketing companies which have their presence in the Municipality include Total, Shell, Excel, Goil, Glory Oil, etc.


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