Good Governance

The Ga West Municipal Assembly is responsible for the overall development of the through the formulation, preparation, and implementation and monitoring of development plans, programmes and projects.

Structure of the Assembly

The Ga West was established in 2004 Legislative Instrument LI 1743 which defines the territorial boundaries .  In accordance with section 10 of Local Government Act, 1993 (Act 462) the Assembly is the highest administrative and political authority is vested with deliberative, legislative and executive powers.

The Assembly consists of 32 electoral areas which are represented in the District Assembly by elected and appointed Assembly members.  The composition of the Assembly is 32, Elected Members, 19 Appointed Members, 3 Members of Parliament (representing the constituencies of Amasaman and Trobu) and the Municipal Chief Executive.  The Assembly is headed by an elected Presiding Member with the Municipal Co-ordinating Director as the Secretary.  The Municipal Chief Executive is the political and executive head of administration.

The legislative instrument also establishes the Executive Committee and the following Sub-Committees: Finance and Administration, Development Planning, Social Service, Justice and Security and Works/Infrastructure.  The structure and organogram of the Assembly are shown in the pdf file attached.

Area/Town and Urban Councils

The Local Government (Ga West Municipal Assembly) Establishment Instrument, 1989 LI 1489 makes provision for the establishment of Area Councils and Town councils. The Assembly is in the process of providing built office accommodation for the Area Councils. So far, Ofankor, Pokuase, Amasaman, Mayera have been provided with their own office structures.


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