There are 3 Small Town Water and Sanitation Project completed and in use in 3 selected communities, namely Garu, Denugu/Danvorga and Tempane/ Yabraago. Apart from the Garu Small Town Water and System the rest have just been handed over to the communities and the Water Boards and therefore are not fully operational. There is currently one Small Town Water supply system on-going at Basyonde. The district also recorded two hundred and ninety-three 293 boreholes as at December 2012 out of which two hundred fifty-one 251 are functional. Most the non-functional boreholes have Nira Pumps. There are also twenty-two 22 Hand-dug wells with pump but only 9 are functional though seasonal. 

The current coverage of water in the District is 46% which is far below the target for the Millennium Development Goal Target of 76%. This coverage was calculated taking into consideration the distance, quality, all year round potable water facilities, spatial distribution, and population factors.
It is the intention of the District Assembly to provide similar Small town water and sanitation systems for Woriyanga, Bugri and Worikambo communities in the near future.


The existing sanitation facilities in the district include Septic tanks, Ventilated Pit Latrine (VIP), Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine (KVIP) and Water Closets. 

Sanitation facilities consist of 23 public KVIPs and 50 institutional KVIP, 210 House Hold Latrines and 35 water closets and 8 septic tank latrines. More than 70% of schools with standard structures have KVIPs. Population with access to improved sanitation facilities (shared and unshared) is 4% (District MICS survey). Most of these are privately owned, some are for institutions while a few are for the general public.

It is currently estimated that 15% of current population have access to sanitation facilities. 



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