Implementation Of Annual Action Plan

The Medium Term Development Action Plan shall be implemented through Annual Action Plans. Extracts of the composite programme of Action shall be made for every year. These shall be updated and reprioritized where the need be. The broad program of Action for every year shall then be implemented through the following mechanisms.

The district assembly shall exercise overall responsibility in implementing the plan. The area councils and units committees shall assist the district assembly in this respect. Specific project activities shall be carried out by the leadership of the district assembly secretariat headed by the District Chief Executive. It is also anticipated that the executive of the Area Councils and Unit Committees would exercise similar responsibilities at the sub-district level in support of the district assembly secretariat.

Other key actors who will be involved in the programme implementation are the Decentralized departments, other government departments and organizations. Many of these shall be playing lead roles in the implementation of programmes that they have formulated. They shall be supported in this regard by collaborators many of whom shall be Non-governmental Organizations and other Donors, Community Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations etc.

However, the community members themselves who shall be the beneficiaries of these plans and programmes shall take active part in the implementation of programs and projects. Besides undertaking monitoring they may even be called upon in some cases to contribute in cash or in labour towards the project execution.

To ensure smooth and successful implementation, the central government represented by the Ministry of Finance the District Assembly common fund secretariat will be required to play supportive roles by way of giving provision of funds while the National Development Planning Commission, the ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Environment will be required to provide technical back stepping to the district assembly.

In all these, the implementation of the plan shall be co-coordinated by the DPCU. As regards the links between plans and budgets, the activities in every Annual Action Plan shall be prioritized and these shall form the basis for budgeting for that year. Measures shall be taken to ensure that we implement projects for which we have funding.


Date Created : 11/20/2017 6:44:43 AM