Development Priorities

District Development Priorities

As a new District Garu-Tempane is confronted with many challenges. It is the wish of the district to tackle all these challenges so that improvement will be brought to the lives of the people. 

But the means to do this is limited. The human resources capacity is inadequate. That also goes for its natural and material resources. It is in this light that the district will like to tackle the following priorities in this Medium Term Development Plan. They are categorized according to the 3 pillars of the GPRS  II which themselves have been arranged according to priority.

Human Resource Development and Basic Services

  • Social facilities and services
  • The District will pay attention to the provision of Social facilities and Services in the following areas;
  • Provision of adequate infrastructure for schools
  • Provision of adequate personnel for schools
  • Intensify enrolment drive
  • Initiate steps towards establishing a technical and vocational school.
  • Provision of adequate infrastructure for health
  • Provision of adequate personnel for health
  • Provision of adequate logistics for health delivery
  • Provision of adequate water and sanitation facilities
  • Training of WATSAN and other stakeholders in Water and sanitation delivery
  • Provision of household latrines
  • Intensification of hygiene education Improve Environmental


  • Human resource development particularly for the District Assembly and its Decentralized Departments.
  • Implementing special programmes for the vulnerable and excluded
  • Intensify care for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS in the District.
  • Promoting the culture of the People.

 Civic Responsibility

Provision of adequate infrastructure for District Assembly, Decentralized Departments and other Agencies to function effectively

  • Provision of personnel to man these departments and agencies
  • Intensify Internal Revenue Generation and other revenue mobilization
  • Improve civic responsibility.
  • Improve women participation in Governance
  • Improve security
  • Improve delivery of justice including Administrative Justice.
  • Intensify efforts to regenerate the degraded environment and prevent disasters.
  • Bridge the gender gap in all aspects of life
  • Support Traditional Authorities to function effectively.
  • Implement the Garu-Tempane Planning Scheme.
  • Prepare Planning Scheme for major Settlements in the District.
  • Properly acquire and regularize Public Lands.
  • Enforce Development control measures.

Private Sector Competitiveness

  • Inensify extension delivery to farmers.
  • Improving supply of farm inputs including improved seeds
  • Improving credit to farmers
  • Reduction in post harvest loses.
  • Improving the span and quality of road network in the District.
  • Improving the Energy situation in the District-
  • Improving communication in the District.
  • Development Programmes
  • District Development Programme

This chapter outlines the Development Programme for the District in the Medium Term. The first part is an analysis of the POTENTIALS, OPPORTUNITIES, CONSTRAINTS and CHALLENGES of the different Development issues in the District. The second part is the Development Programme formulated in Logical Framework and an indicative Financial Plan. It is presented according to the District’s   prioritized GPRS1I pillars.


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