The economy is mainly rural and agrarian with agriculture employing about 80% of the labor force. Most farmers operate near subsistence level and depend heavily on rain-fed agriculture. Production levels are relatively low, consequently making income levels very low. Modem manufacturing is almost absent from the District. The Drobo Market has all the potentials to become a viable market. It needs structures to meet the increasing applications for space. The Assembly is ready to enter into joint venture ship to upgrade the market.

Poverty Levels

The average income level is very low about ¢1,500,000.00 p. a. Unemployment is about 65%.

Potential Exportable Crops

Crops like plantain, vegetables, cassava, pepper, black pepper, maize, cashew and ginger which have demand in the international market can grow well in the district.

Potential Cottage Industries

A lot of potentials exist in agro-processing. Raw materials are substantially available to be processed into semi-finished or finished products. The common ones include:                                  
• Cashew
• Cassava
• Pepper
• Plantain
Other raw materials are clay, maize and yam.

 Investment Potentials

The District Assembly, through consultants, have prepared a document on the rich mineral deposit potential of the district. Any prospective investor can negotiate access to the document with the Assembly. In the agricultural sector, the district has rich viable land for cashew production in particular, which is indeed thriving well.Also,the cultivation of crops such as plantain, yam, cassava and cowpea is being actively encouraged. There is also strong investment potential in the cultivation of vegetables such as onions, okro, garden eggs and tomatoes, as well as pepper, a spice. The industrial sector is not well developed but this only increases the potential available.

There are a few blacksmiths, local gin distilleries and a distillation plant for citronella. There are also kente weaving and stool carving businesses. Although there are a few forest reserves under the authority of the Department of Forestry, as well as timber concessions exploited by concessionaires, no saw mill has yet been established in the district, which creates an obvious opportunity.

Besides, there are extensive clay deposits which can support ceramics, brick and tile industries. The District Assembly, under its Poverty Alleviation Credit Scheme, has started making loans available to farmers and small-scale industries for expansion.The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is also providing facilities for agro-based micro-financing for marketing and processing of agricultural produce. Finally, Jaman South Municipal has several tourist attractions at Sampa, which have scientific, historic, or aesthetic importance. These include Gombe dancing by Moslems, Kyekye Kente Weaving Industry, the monkeys seen as sacred and treated like humans and the Debe Tree, which has a historic meaning for the people.

Timber concessions are being exploited by concessionaries. However, no sawmill has been established in the district, despite the clear abundance of timber and labour required to maintain a booming privately owned and managed saw mill industry. This situation creates clear opportunities.Extensive clay deposits also exist in the district, which can support ceramics, brick and tile industries. Here again, tremendous opportunities exist for astute private investors and the District Assembly



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