The estimated population of 2010 based on the 2000 census with a growth rate of 2.5% is approximately 100,633 with a population density of 111.4 Km2. The Bonos form the majority of the population in the district constituting about 88.6% of the entire district population.

Among the significant immigrant population are the Dagarba, Frafras and Ewes, mostly engaged in farming as well as other ethnic groups from the southern part of the country employed in the formal sector. Majority of the people are predominantly a Christian population (87.9%). Moslems form 9.6% while traditionalist forms only 0.6% of the population.

The district also has huge potential in the area of tourism. There are several places of historic, scientific or aesthetic importance, which can prove to be veritable tourist attractions. These include:

  • The Kyekye Kente Weaving Industry at Sampa and the immediate environs of Fantra.
  • The Gombe dancing by Moslems to select wives, at Sampa. The monkeys at Sampa seen as sacred and treated as if they were human beings.
  • The Debe Tree at Sampa, which has a historic meaning for the people.
  • The Buodi Scarp, rich in gold.
  • The crocodile pond at Mpuasu.
  • Zezera and its attractive terrain.
  • The Underground Carving Industry at Abuokrom.
  • The cave at Kuti believed to be the origin of the people.
  • The forest at Kabre believed to be sacred and so not cleared.
  • The rocky plains of Bodaa.
  • Festivals; Munufie kese
  • The Ghana – La Cote d’Ivoire Border Demarcation at Kwameseikrom, Sampa and Zezera.
  • Sampa Market and its strategic location.

Hospitality services such as hotels, restaurants and telecommunication services are available in the district. They are:

• Ausbeng Hotel at Drobo

• Gye Nyame Guest House at Japekrom

• Ansu Guest House at Japekrom

• Adinkra Memorial Hotel at Drobo

• KVTC Guest House at Kwasibourkrom

• Peace Valley Hotel at Drobo

These places require private sector investment to put standard tourist facilities in place and the District Assembly would be willing to provide every available assistance in this regard, coupled with generous incentives. Indeed, the District Assembly aims to enable private investors to earn highly competitive returns on their investments in the district.









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