Drobomahene calls for cashew processing factory
Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako, the Omanhene of Drobo Traditional Area, has pleaded with government to establish a cashew processing factory at Drobo in the Jaman South Municipality.

Date Created : 1/11/2019 8:23:45 AM : Story Author : Alice Abubakari/

The Chief stated that, farmers in the municipality solely depend on the production of the crop but were running at a lost because private buying companies and individuals determine the price per kilogram during trading; hence the cashew farmers are languishing in abject poverty due to low income generation.

The Omanhene lamented that the cashew industry, being the main economic activity of the people in the Jaman South hasn’t received the needed government support for the marketing of the cash crop.

Furthermore, establishing the factory will encourage the farmers to grow more cashews in the area.

He urged the Ministry of Agriculture to employ more extension officers to supervise the cultivation of cashew to produce more in order to bring growth.