Bathing and Toilet Facilities

Toilet facilities

Information on toilet facilities is also important for housing as well as public health policy and for planning the location of such facilities in areas they are most needed. Table 8.11 shows types of toilet and bathing facilities used by households by type of localities. The data show that 46 percent of households in the district depend on public toilet. Relatively small proportion of households (5.5%) in the district has no toilet facility and therefore uses the bush or field. Forty-five percent of rural households and 30 percent of urban households use pit latrines whiles three out of 100 urban and one out of 200 rural households use a water closet.

Bathing facility

Over a third (34.1%) of households have a shared separate bathing facility whiles nearly a quarter (23.8%) have a bathing facility for exclusive use. About one-tenth use a shared open cubicle (11.6%) or private open cubicle (12.2%) for bathing. Households who take their bath in an open space is 7.3 percent. Households with own bathroom for exclusive use, those with private open cubicle and those with share open cubicle and those who use open space around house are more in the rural whilst households who use share separate bathroom in the same house are in the majority in the urban areas.



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