Statistics on literacy provide a measure of progress in the educational development and are necessary in planning for the promotion of adult literacy. Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write in any language and relates to those aged 11 years and older with reference to the 2010 population and Housing Census.

The percentage of population 11 years and older by sex, age and literacy status of the district. 29.3 per cent of the population of the district, aged 11 years and older, are not literate. The data further states that more females are non-literate (11,133) compared to males (7,522) from age 11 and above. It indicates that, females are dominant in the population who can speak English only and Ghanaian Language only. The reverse is true for male among the population who can speak English and Ghanaian Language, English and French and English, French and Ghanaian Language.


Education forms an important determinant of the quality of manpower. As such, the educational level of the people of the district, to some extent, reflects the level of social and economic development of the communities. It is also well known that education constitutes one of the most important factors influencing demographic behaviour and the level of fertility of a population.

Education and school attendance of males and females three years and older in the district. The total population currently in school is 35,002 including (53.2%) males and (46.8%) females. The data further shows that the population 3 years and older who attended school in the past is 29,046 representing (55.3%) males and (44.7%) females in the district. Males exceed females for both population currently in school and those who attended school in the past. This calls for the attention of government and any other agencies to help increase the female enrolment in all the educational level.

A larger percentage (93.6%) of the population currently attending school in the district is in the basic school. Generally, the number attending school considerably decreases with progression to higher educational levels.

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