Ethnicity refers to the ethnic group that a person belonged to. This information is collected only from Ghanaians by birth and Ghanaians with dual nationality. The classification of ethnic groups in Ghana is that officially provided by the Bureau of Ghana Languages and which has been in use since the 1960 census.

Cultural and Social Structure

The main ethnic groups that exist in the district are the Ewes who are in the majority. Other ethnic groups include Northerners, Akans and Krachis.



The whole land area of the Kwahu Afram Plains North District is almost surrounded by the Volta Lake, the Afram and Obosom River. Although the Volta Lake offers a lot of tourism potentials, these have not been harnessed to the fullest. Some important tourist sites are a trip on the Obosom River to the Digya game reserve, Agordeke beach and the numerous Islands in the Volta Lake. The most famous Island is the Dwarf Island.


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