Tema have both public and private health facilities that are spread across the entire Metropolis and their classification by type of facility is based on their functions and the range of services they provide. The total number of health facilities in the public sector is 46 (54.2 %), is higher than that of private health facilities 16 (38.9%). This means that in terms of accessibility to health facilities in the Metropolis, the public sector has a wider coverage in the provision of healthcare. However, due to rapid increase in the population of the Metropolis, expansion of health facilities both public and private has become necessary to meet the needs of the population.

The Tema Metropolitan Mutual Health Insurance Scheme was established in March 2004 as an intervention in the health sector. The purpose of the scheme is to provide a pool of resources to reduce the monetary stress on health acquisition. The scheme providesout-patient, in-patient, oral health, eye care, maternity care and emergency services.



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