This chapter covers programmes and activities that would be undertaken by the Birm North District Assembly throughout the 4-year period of the plan to formulate a broad Composite Programme of Action.

The Composite Programme of Action is prepared to cover the 4-year planning period of the Birim North District Medium Term Development Plan (2006 – 2009). A Programme of Action consists of a prioritized set of programmed activities and their cost, which are intended to enhance the achievement of the prioritized objectives of the plan for the Medium Term period under the GPRS II. It also provides the essential steps for ease of implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The Programme of Action will also help to promote a cross departmental/sectoral approach towards problem solving in the Birim North District. These projects to be implemented in the first year would also be translated into an Annual Plan.

Medium Term Development Plan (2006-2009)

This section contains projects and programmes to be implemented in the medium term (2006-2009). Identification and selection of projects and programmes in the five year medium term plan were based on the following factors:

• Projects that were either not implemented or abandoned in the 2002-2005 Medium Term Development Plan.

• Projects with high returns to resource inputs;

• Projects that serve as a spring board to the successful implementation of projects in the long term;

• Projects that directly serves the needs of poor groups and address gender concerns;

• Projects that have verifiable funding sources;

• Projects that promote efficient mobilization of natural, human, financial, institutional and infrastructural resources

 for development in the district;

• Projects that promote immense private sector involvement and stability of the district’s micro economy;

• Projects that promote human resource development and good governance.



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