For effective health delivery, the Municipality is demarcated into seven (7) operational . These are Nsuaem, Simpa/Dompm, Tarkwa, Huni-Valley, Bogoso, Himan/Prestea and Aboso.  Each Sub has at least one health facility and this has helped to reduce the mean walking distance to a health facility with each sub from 8km to less than 5km in 2005.  The Municipality also has a number of private clinics and Maternity Homes, which support the few public health facilities.

Tarkwa General Hospital, which is one of the oldest in the country, has never seen any major rehabilitation and lacks certain vital facilities for effective health delivery.  The  Health Management Team building is just completed but  most of the office  leak during rainstorm  shows both public and private health facilities 

Malaria is still the number one disease  58,487 cases in 2004 and 66,387 in 2005.   This figure could be more, as most people fail to attend hospital or clinic for treatment rather prefer self-medication.  Malaria is very hard to eradicate from the Municipality because the terrain and attitude of most people encourage the breeding of mosquitoes.  However, if intensified awareness created undertaken and enough precautions taken by the general public the incidence of malaria can be drastically reduced.

Other challenging diseases are Upper respiratory disease, Pregnancy related complications diarrheoa diseases, hypertensive heart diseases and others.


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