Tourism Attractions

Manya Krobo District is saturated with outstanding tourist attractions which are a delight for visiting tourists and at the same time represent unique opportunities for investors interested in developing them for profit.The Kpong Dam, for instance, is most suitable for unforgettable pleasure cruises and so tours can be organised to the facility.At Kpong itself, horse riding is available for all at Kpong Farms.

There are the attractions of the ancient caves at Plekumasi and waterfalls, which run all the year round, at Akumersu, Tsledom and Otrokper.The intriguing cliff at Sutapong provides not only a site for the appreciation of nature’s fascinating beauty, but also has a special cap at a section which provides a most interesting natural canopy.Krobo Mountain, the ancestral home of the Krobo people, used as a fortress against the British in pre-colonial times, is another great spot for tourists.

The Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo District Assemblies are considering jointly establishing a memorial museum on the mountain top. Hiking to the mountain top is a great pleasure for tourists.Tourists can purchase rare artifacts, produced in Manya Krobo District such as Aggrey Beads, traditional pots, state umbrellas (Akataban) and traditional baskets.There are also a variety of rites and festivals to choose from.

The Dipo puberty rites, held between March and April at Odumase Krobo, is one of these.The Okumo Shrine, which is the nerve centre of the Dipo Festival, is a store of information and this has served anthropologists from all over the world for many years.Odumase-Krobo also hosts the Ngmayemi Festival in October and November, as well as the Nadu Festival in June.Akuse hosts the Volo Festival in January.

Manya Krobo District stands out as the nearest district to the main Tema Harbour and its host municipality, which is Ghana’s gateway to the rest of the world by sea.Endowed with beautiful landscapes, which are adaptable to vibrant economic activity, the district has great potential for tourism, trade and commerce, and agro-based industry.

This, coupled with largely untapped natural mineral resources, makes Manya Krobo District a prime automatic choice for private sector and bilateral or multilateral institutional investments.


Date Created : 11/26/2017 2:09:41 PM